Kristin Moore

Director of Operations

Kristin Moore

Meet our Director of Operations, Kristin Moore. Kris has been a big part of our CorePath team since the beginning! She grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and currently resides in Arizona with her husband and 2 boys. Kris is an outdoor adventurer that loves to hike and go off-roading. Kris also loves the beach, as seen in her photos! She is an early bird, loves to plan, and throws big celebrations! Kris is extremely passionate about helping others. What else does Kris enjoy?

  • Her favorite dessert is a churro.
  • Kris prefers books to movies. She says that if you haven’t read Unbroken, you should!
  • Thanksgiving is her favorite holiday!
  • Kris says that her mom has been the biggest influence in life.
  • Thailand is next on her bucket list!
  • If Kris could meet anyone, it would be Albert Einstein. She would ask him more about his most profound failure.
  • Growing up, Kris wanted to be a lawyer.

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