Jesse Karich

Jesse Karich

Senior Wealth Advisor

This Is Why I Do It:

My why is to bring financial peace of mind to clients throughout their lives. A living financial plan is created by prioritizing goals, determining the best route to accomplish them, and implementing ongoing changes. With confidence in this living plan, the financial stress is lifted allowing clients to make decisions around what will make them happiest vs what they think their limitations are.

Hello, I’m Jesse Karich! I entered the financial services profession in 2002 with a goal to bring financial peace of mind to clients throughout their lives. After years of gaining industry knowledge and experience, I was fortunate to join forces with CorePath Wealth to strengthen the resources and services I can provide for my clients. CorePath’s mission to serve became my next integration in helping clients define and reach their financial goals. When working with clients, I seek long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with an emphasis on honesty in pursuit of financial independence. My value proposition lies in the coordination of a client’s entire financial picture. I strive to think critically about a client’s situation to develop a strategy that meets the needs of today without sacrificing the desires of tomorrow.

I earned my bachelor’s in economics and business management from St. John’s University in Minnesota. I am the author of Real Life Planning with Case Studies and contribute to the Money Management column of Medical Economics. Supporting financial literacy is a passion of mine so I often host seminars to educate professionals across the country. I work with medical and dental professionals along with business owners and families that desire a quality relationship with an experienced professional. Outside of the office, I enjoy playing hockey, mountain biking, listening to live music, and spending time up at my cabin in Minnesota.

Likes & Interests

  • My hobbies include playing hockey, mountain biking, and listening to live music.
  • I prefer podcasts over music and audiobooks.
  • I am a night owl!
  • My favorite food is steak and dessert is carrot cake!

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