Jesse Karich

Partner & Advisor 

“My ultimate goal is to help clients define and achieve their unique goals, just as my grandfather did.”

Jesse Karich

Hello, I’m Jesse Karich, Partner and Advisor with CorePath Wealth in MN:

I entered the business in 2002, after years of gaining industry knowledge and experience I was fortunate to join forces with CorePath.CorePath’s mission to serve became my next integration in helping clients define and reach their financial goals. I seek long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with an emphasis on honesty in pursuit of financial independence. My value proposition lies in the coordination of a client’s entire financial picture. I strive to think critically about a client’s situation in order to develop a strategy that meets the needs of today without sacrificing the desires of tomorrow. Without knowing it at the time, my Grandfather’s generosity impacted my financial awareness early in life. His desire to provide financial support for education will empower generations to come. 

My grandfather was a big-time saver, and also very generous throughout and after his life. He valued education as was evident in his savings, and putting money into a trust. This trust provided a considerable amount to each grandkid and was a big reason I was able to obtain the education I did.

Services I provide

While my new clients’ financial planning process requires fact-gathering and clarification of those facts, it is only the start of a long-term relationship. While this process is facilitated by technology, an open and honest dialogue drives it. I think my favorite client experience is after the heavy lifting is done and the annual reviews occur. Many personal conversations and reflections on financial accomplishments have come from breaking bread. 

When clients share with me their personal dreams, we discover there is quite often a parallel with their financial journeys, and these discussions open up the next chapters of financial goals and success.

Clients I Serve Best

Mid-Career individuals

looking for assessment of where they are today

Financial Quarterbacks

to coordinate entire financial picture, define goals and make a plan to get there 


Individuals about to or already retired, developing specific income goals, managing money with downside protection and utilizing assets most efficiently during retirement and passing to future generations  

Let’s Break Bread

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