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We are entrepreneurs and business owners. Many of our clients are, too. One of their most pressing worries is managing their companies’ financial health. This can be a real time sink and can rob our business owner clients of the time they need to innovate, build, and plan. Eventually, this type of constant worry can dampen their enthusiasm for their work, erode their relationships and even diminish their health.  We cannot let that happen to anyone.

Every business is different. Just as we do with our individual clients, we tailor all our planning and advice for every business owner’s unique situation too.

At CorePath Wealth Partners, we provide resources for our clients who are the owners of successful medical, dental and veterinary practices, as well as closely held businesses in many other industries. Here are just a few of the highly personalized services we provide our business clients:

  • Guidance in selecting and growing investments based on the client’s life stage and situation
  • Strategies for minimizing taxes
  • Employee benefits using an “HR 360” approach that enables us to monitor and optimize a company’s entire benefits program. We help our business clients stay compliant with all Human Resources regulations and minimize benefit costs while providing benefits that attract top talent.

By handling these time-consuming and complex operations for the owners of these practices and companies, they are able to get their lives back, reduce expenses, increase morale on their teams and retain key talent. Oh, and they are much more fun to be around when they leave those details to us!

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