Rick Schultenover

CFP®, Partner & CCO 

“My role is to make the planning process less daunting.

Rick Schultenover

Hi, my name is Rick, Partner and Certified Financial Planner®  with CorePath Wealth Partners. I grew up in Minnesota and graduated from the U of MN with a degree in Economics. I started my practice immediately after. Even as a child growing up, I was consistently drawn to finances and finding various ways to earn money to support the activities I was interested in.  Early on, my ambitions drove me to be financially responsible and now I have the privilege of helping my clients accomplish similar results. In my free time you will usually find me outdoors on a mountain, skiing down a mountain or mountain biking. Notice a theme? My main office is in our Denver, CO location, however I’m in MN and other states regularly seeing clients face to face.

As a fee-based fiduciary advisor, your best interest is my only interest.  Uncertainty in the future can cause some to delay or even ignore the creation of a financial roadmap. My role is to help make the planning process feel less daunting with the goal of giving you peace of mind and more control of your finances.  The first step in that process is identifying what matters to you most – your goals, needs and fears or concerns.  All are part of a comprehensive financial plan that keep you on the path you want to be.  As your coach, we will discuss a myriad of items in your plan including, but not limited to – cash flow and spending patterns, retirement vision, debt reduction, college planning, risk management, how and where to invest your hard-earned money as well as any other topics that impact your finances.  More important than the actual written plan, however, is the implementation and ongoing monitoring. Without action, the plan is nothing more than a dream. I will help you make those dreams come true!

Services I provide

  • Holistic planning and portfolio management
  • Cash flow planning
  • Stock compensation analysis
  • Retirement planning & income strategies

Clients I Serve Best

Although my practice has historically served busy families, business owners and medical professionals, I feel I can best help established professionals who want a coach and a partner in making sound financial decisions. 

Denver Office

CorePath Wealth Partners Denver
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Denver, CO 80237

Telephone  720.619.0119

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